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It's Electric! At SEMA EV Show

Coming up on 56-years in the EV conversion industry, it is my pleasure to announce education, opportunity and entertainment with EV Builders Guide and GreenTV EV!

It took decades to connect the dots with the innumerable professionals in the EV conversion industry and bring it to the big screen as well as print. Now, with one-click, our international pit crew will educate you on the basics to a full-build while documenting each step in still and video filming.

We also provide opportunities to become certified professionals to providing every nut, bolt and wire to complete EV conversions at the best quality and price.

Here are the best EV's at SEMA 2021 while we film, edit and produce 2022's event!

For the Tele-vision side for newcomers, here is Peter on the big picture!

And thank you for supporting our sponsors.

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1 Comment

Nov 02, 2022

My friend is out in Vegas now filming the SEMA show this week.

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