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It's Electric! 3-Wheel EV Raises $40M

Sarah Hardwick of Aptera announced that it raised $40 million to bring its solar electric car with up to 1,000 miles of range and there’s nothing more efficient than Aptera’s solar electric vehicle (SEV).

According to Aptera and Elektrek, Thanks to an extremely lightweight three-wheel design and a drag coefficient (Cd) of only 0.13, the Aptera SEV can achieve 250 miles of range on a fairly small battery pack and 1,000 miles with bigger battery packs.

While solar on electric vehicles has been limited to countering vampire drain or adding just a few miles of range, Aptera’s electric car is so efficient that by fitting up to 700 watts of solar power you can add up to 40 miles of range per day by just parking it outside – add a starting price of just $25,000, and it’s enough to create a lot of hype.

Elektrek reported last week that Aptera managed to convert that hype into over 22,000 reservations for the vehicle. Now it just needs to bring it to production, which is no easy task for a small startup, but now it’s at least a well-funded startup.

The company announced that it has received $40 million in commitments for its latest round of crowdfunding:

During this historic funding round, over $40 million has been committed in our offering under Regulation A+, and we credit the many individuals and institutions who have taken part for their role as a driving force in the successes we’ve achieved.
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