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Hertz Mega EV Fleet: Who Builds Them

Hertz has placed thousands of orders for EV's. So have hundreds of thousands. And who will build them here in the USA? Gregory Coles has the answers and it's electric!

In this Quick Clip of the more in-depth interview, Greg shares the real meaning of "POP Culture". Electric cars and trucks are a hot topic today but most don’t know that around 1832 Robert Anderson develops the first crude electric vehicle, and it wasn’t until the 1870s and 1880’s they became more practical. Yet they didn’t take off in growing popularity till our current climate crises. However, in this interview, you will meet two men who met due to their common passion for cleaner-running vehicles. Green TV’s very own founder, Jon Lake comes from an electric car building family that began its business in 1929. And Greg Coles who is a pioneer in car and truck conversion, and one of the first African Americans to do so. Tune in and listen to how his story develops and his powerful plans for societies working trucks, busses, and even mail trucks for the future. Just like the smart guys in Silicon Valley who started companies in their garages, these guys are on to something big!

And the longer version:

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