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Greener Transports: Lady Lacy & Ed Lake

Hydrogen, the fuel to go well with Greener transportation? Popular Mechanics has some points as does Mike Copeland! Brother Ed and Lady Lacy bring you a new view!

Mike Copeland of Arrington Performance has been around the auto industry a long time. 25 years at General Motors doing special projects Mike has gathered the connections to create the worlds first functional Hydrogen powered Chevrolet LS Swap that has passed the EPA testing! This truck sounds and drives exactly like a conventional gasoline powered hot rod but with zero C02 emissions! Many naysayers have given Hydrogen bad press but that did not deter Mike and his friends at Bosch from doing the R&D to figure out this package. Someday in the near future you will be able to convert your existing vehicle to renewable Hydrogen power!

And the Popular Mechanics produced this "The technology is virtually already in place for hydrogen combustion engines, and both the driving ranges and refilling times are similar to that of traditional gasoline-powered combustion engines.

Kia and Hyundai are working together on an engine that they may have ready for passenger cars in 2025, while Volvo plans to have on-road tests in trucks in 2026.

“Trucks where the traditional internal combustion engine remains but runs on hydrogen will have the same performance and reliability as our diesel trucks, but with the added benefit of very low CO2 emissions,” Jan Hjelmgren, Volvo Trucks head of product management and quality, said in a statement. “They will be a valuable complement to our battery electric trucks.”

Detractors of the hydrogen combustion push say that the new fuel source doesn’t solve the pollution dilemma in automobiles, as the hydrogen technology still has an emission output. Volvo, however, states that by using the right renewable materials, they can get a hydrogen combustion engine to fall within the “zero emission vehicle” category as set by European Union standards".

And remember, please support research and history by purchasing an on-line digital print!

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