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Green Painting- Happy St. Patty's Day!

The "Green that Ride" series Greens regular vehicles inside and out. Painting and wrapping to get the coolest color has often been a dirty job yet Betsy Rosenberg and Whitney Anna Walker are cleaning their acts up.

Betsy and the GreenTV team will be interviewing different methods of cleaner, Greener refinishing from the interiors of automobile to buildings and more. Even Green giant Treehugger recently rated the best Green paints of 2022 yet we are taking it further by filming the folks involved along the way.

From the people who apply the paints to the founders like Whitney Anna Walker who created Green paints.

And now a look at the pretty yet pretty expensive and pretty dirty method of getting the most daring of colors and then stay tuned as we show how to clean up the process in upcoming Solutionaries videos!

For more information or to have your person or product interviewed, just click here!

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