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Giving Thanks for our GreenTV Team!

Climate Scientist, Michael Mann, as seen on CNN, MSNBC/NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, GreenTV and many more being brought to you by Betsy Rosenberg and Team!

In this encore appearance by Michael Mann, we discuss Build Back Better as well as what’s still missing from the mainstream news mix. Luckily, Green TV has you covered when it comes to climate and environmental news and interviews!" ~ Betsy Rosenberg

And on this upcoming Thanksgiving day, so many thanks to our growing team from CFA Weiss to Margaret Poindexter, Jeana diNatale, Olivia Newan, Tamara Diamond, Danielle Horton, Joan Michelson, Cort Casady, AR Hogan, Charles Alder, Christopher Horner to our moral support people like Jaqueline Lacy, Patricia, Erica Lake and Edmund Lake along with you, our viewers!

Stay tuned as Betsy Rosenberg brings in 2022 with new places and faces from all over the world to help make the planet a Greener place for generations to come!

My best to you and your loved ones,

Jonathan David Lake

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