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First Green Community in First State!

Imagine an American native community led by Delaware's first people. Matriarch Nentpike female healers and leaders fueled by the elements of nature. Geothermal, solar, wind and water current. The first of it's type in the nation and an example for the rest of the planet to see, learn and emulate!

Clean air, water, natural food and medicine. A self-sustaining community representing generations of those who have looked over our world while the world overlooked them.

After many long moons that began at Lake House with Lady Lenape, Breck Designs and a host of Green experts from the University of Delaware to State of Delaware leaders. Together and with your help we will unite to create a community created on the lands the Lenape once stewarded.

We began covering events in Cheswold, Delaware and now filming those supporting the non-profit Green Bridge. Join us today with an e-mail addressed to Lady Lenape if you would like to be involved and do not be surprised if she answers in Lenape native language or breaks into a lovely song!

*Featured image credit: Lady Lenape, State of Delaware's first Green community led by Delaware's own native American's, the first people of the First State in the United States of America.

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