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EV Funding - Delaware, USA!

If you've converted a classic to a collector's item, you are a forward thinker. When forward thinkers need funding, they turn to faith angels. As growth occurs, who will these innovators turn to? In Delaware, we began with Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control!

As we have followed the trail of several EV pioneers, the one's who impress investors are those who have actually converted electric vehicles. Gregory Coles is an accomplished, hands-on, mind-active EV experts who does not use the term "expert" given the industry is so new and so many see the Green coming down the highway

However, Gregory is an EV expert and got an early start by converting fine classic to heavy-duty commercial vehicles hitting the pavement every day. So when Gregory brought his prized 1972 all-electric Mercedes-Benz just outside the Presidential Biden Compound in Delaware, USA, LOTS of people noticed.

One Delaware department read of the unusual, all-electric Mercedes-Benz in the local Cape Gazette newspaper and reached out. It turns out the State of Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Delaware’s share of the Environmental Mitigation Trust is approximately $9.6 million developed a mitigation plan to accept and distribute these funds to eligible projects.

Stay tuned as we begin the process of applying and obtaining funds to convert local, State of Delaware and privately owned vehicles to electric while creating awareness, jobs and clean, Green vehicles.

And here is where it all began!

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Joymalya Chakraborty
Joymalya Chakraborty

i am in and out from usa and canada for ever . thats final even if i have to die for that , lost 14 yrs of my fresh life. Full Stop

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