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EV Earth Day Events - 270 of Them!

You may not be able to hear them yet you can see, touch and feel EV owners converge in cites across the USA during Earth Day Month, volunteers and this year, a new twist. Donating your tired EV for a new life and tax credit!

Over 270 EV Earth Day events are happening now in nearly every USA city. Nearly all are volunteers making them happen. Auto Archives, the Automotive Public Benefit Corporation is volunteering it's easy one-step 93-year old vehicle donation process that handles every process from the Appraisal to pick-up, IRS Documentation and a real person assigned to every part of the details.

Do you have an EV you are not using yet could use a tax-deduction while giving that vehicle a new lease on life? Contact us here or use this form yet do hurry as many have already begun the process at these earlier USA EV Events

With hundreds of events and thousands engaged, many are filling up the 2022 goal of donated electric vehicles that will be re-processed, re-energized and re-purposed to a disadvantaged family in a community near you.

Illustration of the Auto Archives EV Tree and please note this is an all-volunteer program and limited to the number of vehicles processed by Earth Day, April 22.2022

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