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EV Buyback Program Makes $Sense

Ikea has 465 stores worldwide, and said their buyback program is part of its effort to become a “circular” business by 2030. It really makes sense to buy back what you sell if you believe in your product.

Tesla began the buy back program was in year 2013 to help reassure consumers buying the then-new Model S sedan that its resale value wouldn't plummet.

Under the terms of the program, which Tesla promoted as an alternative form of leasing, owners could sell their cars back to Tesla after three years at a guaranteed price, equivalent to about 43 percent of the purchase price of a Model S at the time.

Times have changed yet one company we know of is offering a buyback option for their line of all electric trucks. If you wish to know more, reach out, we will hook you up direct with the company president.

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