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It's Electric!

It's back and now it's even better, cleaner, faster and safer! The video begins in 1991 and brings us up to "Current:)

Does it run? How does it run? We used an AC hyper 9 electric motor from Netgain to provide the power and used 5 Telsa batteries to provide the juice. This Little 1980 first generation Subaru Brat has never had it so good! The hyper 9 should give us twice the torque, and we are still keeping the 4 wheel drive. We utilize a custom made adapter. Some specs: 172 lb-ft torque 5.3kw Tesla modules * 5 Orion BMS Elcon Charger

Credits: Website: Motor: Hyper9 from netgain Charger: Special thanks for heads up touch screen display and Tesla Batteries from:


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