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E-HumV Climate Vehicle-Gas Kicker!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Recycled war machines turned Green and into Climate Vehicles here in Delaware, USA. Take a look at what your next vehicle may look like and offers the best of all worlds! The video is extreme yet so are EV-CV's!

Depending on what you see in the video, the experiment the good old USA boys did led to our conclusion of the need for Climate Vehicles. They not only look good, they can hold lots and power a small community as electric CV's. We call them Climate Vehicles, others call them Commercial Vehicles yet they are all-electric, powered by sun, wind, tide and on-board Green H-packs. Energy storage is the Green Flywheel coupled to the battery system and all weather proof.

And now, they are available to everyone from you to your local emergency station and even back to the USA military whose funding made the CV's possible! Order yours now at and come test drive these Green Machines!

Electrified, customized Humdinga!

Fun, silly Video: Not electric!

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