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$5 Trillion EV Oppty in Delaware!

Do you know an EV advocate to lead what expert Felix Kramer research cites as a $5 Trillion dollar industry in Biden's home State of Delaware? There is a seat at the table for a person or team right now!

The Biden bill is going to pass in some form and at the very least, Joe's favorite electric vehicle industry has support from nearly all job advocates in every State. Especially Delaware where Joe, I and a team assembled the Fisker Karma people to head the electric vehicle market in Delaware on a cold winter day in 2009.

Joe was V.P. then and now President. He holds no grudges for what happened in 2009 and like us, the time is now for someone to join me, GreenTV, film the entire process of this Trillion-dollar industry.

Lastly, I would take this job on yet as a terminal Cancer and severe stroke survivor, my days are numbered. I will stick around long enough to throw our support around you, provide media coverage every single day while introducing you to the people at the table here in Delaware, USA.

Best and be well,


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