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0-53 Seconds: Ford F150 goal

It's Electric! “You can like it or not like it — it’s coming,” said Bernie Ricke, during an interview from his office where a conventionally powered F-150 Ford pickup truck rolls off the assembly line every 53 seconds.

And the big question. How fast will it take to build the new Electric F-150? Where a conventional car’s engine and transmission have hundreds of parts, some electric-vehicle powertrains have as few as 17, according to the Congressional Research Service. That doesn’t take into account the radiators, fuel tanks or exhaust systems that electric vehicles don’t need. Once operating, an electric car has no spark plugs or oil that need changing or mufflers that wear out.

Can Bernie and Ford beat the 53-second mark to make the newer, less complicated F-150's?

The second big question is where electric conversions will fit in and can Gregory Coles and others convert existing vehicles quickly enough to meet the demand of saving old vehicles from the salvage yard. Stay tuned. The answers to these and more on the transition to clean transportation will be here!

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