The good news is buying a waterfront property and building one of the Greenest dream homes in the world is worth it! The bad news is in one day, my home, business, equity and income were lost not by Mother Nature yet by a man-made disaster.

What began at age 12 and a life-long dream had come true. My waterfront property was built to last and pass on the future generations. With water as the last name and Green boats, cars and building as a business, the Lake House was an award winning luxury Green marvel. Everything from the commercial style dock to the mail box at the driveway entrance was built to exceed any area known disaster. The spring fed lake to the sky-high tree house, warm zoned radiant floor heat, passive and active Green energy sources from sun, wind and even water were designed to take a hit. And if hit, easily repaired or replaced. Or so I thought.

The property in fact did survive one of histories most damaging acts of climate change. It survived the massive tree that nearly split the house in two, the rising waters that displaced boats in the yard and even the dock that was submerged and battered by floating trees. The only thing I had not planned on was the bank which held the small mortgage on the property and  would refuse to help. For all of the great things one can say about self-employment, this particular bank seemed to forget that the day after the loss, my income and savings dried up because all funds and efforts were diverted to salvaging what was left.

With all the things wanted in a dream property, I had also designed the property as the place to do business. From here we filmed our (then) famous 1-minute videos that covered the past 24-hours of Green news all in a minute. Ironically, my dream Green home and GreenTV H.Q. survived the worst that Mother Nature could throw at her.

It was the bank’s “man-made” disaster of not being there for me when my income dried up that caused the demise of my dreams, hopes and future.

So with this experience at hand, when considering a waterfront property, talk to someone who has lived on, built on, breathed the water and understand it’s many nuances. And just as important is a solid insurance company. Most important, as Sir Richard Branson once advised after the bank he dealt with, and for the first time I ever saw, got him so pissed he asked the man to leave his flat! From experience, choose a reputable bank who knows risk-takers such as waterfront property owners and self-employment. A lending institution with a moral compass.


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