Being alive 25-years after the worlds experts did their best feels incredible. That and no flu or even a serious cold since 1995. It reminds me of what Joe Biden, Uncle to many, maybe even father to this nation once told me.

Get back up. Joe even wrote a few books on it where I did GreenTV. No matter the differences, we both got up and so will America one we realize the only thing that matters is how well we live our lives, the example both now and in the future. What kind of world we will leave when we pass.

Beginning today and for every day until my expiration date, I will live to share how even at 6-decades, my health is better than anyone I know and I know lots of folks. Of course the path to health came first with terminal (internal) Cancer, topical and prostrate while adding a stroke to the mix. I was given opiates and anything that eased the pain yet that lead to addiction which led to depression.

However, once through that maze, life is good and beyond being healthy, I have become wise. As a dyslexic, I decided instead of avoiding reading, I would dive in and write a story every day. And after 2-decades, the daily Greens I post here and other social sites may not be perfect yet people write and tell me to keep going, get back up after every bad one and make the next better!

Thanks Joe and no matter your path, know many are following the advice you gave me years ago. And when I needed it most, it saved my life!

Photo credits:  Jon David Lake, Delaware Press Association


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