Life has been exciting since given a second chance and realizing I had more in common with the people I interview than imagined. Even if the idea of true second chances turns you off, look at the short uplifting video below. It may make you think that if you DO get a second chance, what will your choices be?

For famous experts on the subject of second chances, look no further than Sir Richard Branson and ditto with Joe Biden. My connections to these guys were fast cars, filming, life on the water (literally) and self-gained wealth. Quite honestly, my list included moderate doses of wine and fast women. The list I made is short yet if YOU, like Sir Richard, Uncle Joe and I get a second chance, make the best of it!

My second chance Bucket List:
1: Return to my roots, full Matriarch belief. The fast women were an experience yet true beauty shines beyond age and fashion. My belief in women is what enabled to keep going. For Sir Richard he owes his second chance to fate or luck, Joe’s is God. Mine is the Matriarch.
2: Stop chasing fortune. It’s why life is called The Gift. A true gift cannot be bought. And if you don’t think the wealthy have the same problems as you and I, read their books.
3: Proof, find out what saved me. I knew what the matriarch had given me in both compounds and formula.  Although well-documented in film and by the medical society, just beating internal and topical Cancers several times was not enough. It had to be patented and mine were plant minerals. You can’t patent a plant. However, you can patent the process from Z to A which is now done. After a small fortune in property settlement, this one in near-complete.
4: Find or build a like-mind health resort where I can cultivate and produce authentic Native American, Federally approved patented products. If they already have an affliction, allow a two-week stay to obtain full-plant benefits and practice dietary changes. For immunity building prevention, our products will be sold at the facility and on-line.
5: Lastly is a  decision I have pondered since 6.16.19 when a stroke hit. That is to decide to sell-out and “retire” or hold on to the second chance of my lifetime.

And special thanks to the one I learned more from than Sir Richard or Uncle Joe. That is Lady Teresa Conroy who lives life with good intent and inspires others along the way.


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