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USA First Lady's JillMobile ®

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

A must see for anyone that wants to see true women power in action! Dr. Veronika Wright (Obersteiner) Jeep project is the electrically charged project that is helping us complete the USA's First Lady's (Jill Biden's) JillMobile® by Jill's upcoming 2022 birthday! Proceeds benefit the Cancer Moon Shot program.

Stay tuned at​ Want to support the project? ❤️ Want to donate parts, software, hardware, help?😊 Reach out! Want to follow the journey? ♻️💡 Instagram LinkedIn Twitter​ Other videos that could be interesting: Batteries for Beginners 🔋: Battery Simulation Overview💡:\ Why do Batteries Catch Fire?⚛️: Ford's F150 Lightning Truck⚡️:

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1 Comment

Would be nice to have a USA First Lady travel via electric car again! Five First Ladies of D and R POTUSes did so from 1909 till 1928 during Taft to Wilson (two wives) to Harding to Coolidge regimes. "The Beast" POTUS cars should be electric as well to set the example (as should have been the case for multiple decades now)! Thanks for your energetic efforts on this front Jon Lake.

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