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Toyota: Public Wants to Know, EV or Not

Just a year ago, a top Toyota executive met with congressional leaders behind closed doors to advocate against Biden's plans to spend billions of dollars to incentivize the shift to EVs. This is not a knock against Toyota or anyone at Toyota, just an inquiry.

This is about transparency and unless proven otherwise, it could appear "Green washing", "on the fence", or a false promise being made up quickly in the past few days of media. Let us and the public know what your intentions are now you have finally committed to EV's and what your plan is for converting existing Toyota's to all-electric in the State of Delaware. SELOC is set up to do the conversions, Biden's Green Team are in Delaware and we invite you in on the conversations.

And back to the story, having advocated publicly to Biden for decades on the push to cleaner transportation, should this come as a shock? Well yes, it does yet as the saying goes, follow the money.

However, Toyota may get in the door, yet may find it hitting him on the way out.

I can personally attest (and will) that Joe Biden's plan is NOT to eliminate all ICE, just phase out what is burning up the planet with smarter vehicles.The plan is to clean and Green transportation of all types from automobiles to trucks to bikes, boats and aircraft. Give him a chance, he has a lot on his plate right now.

Be honest and speak with those on the front-lines, not behind closed doors. Joe DOES NOT like this kind of lobbying and it may bite you in the buns as it is when the public finds out more of what the big boys are saying the our film crews verses their true motives.

Watch Toyota's video for the big EV plan:

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