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Thanks Mom. Your 1941 E-Cadillac!

Updated: May 7, 2021

In 1995, I was battling terminal Cancer with my Mother. On May 7th of that year, she lost the battle yet on that day, GreenTV was created to honor Minnie Beatrice Lake, my grandmother Agnes Lake and father William Vincent Lake.

All were involved in what was then a nasty, dirty yet necessary business. Walking into the family garage at a young age, the smell of paint fumes mixed with burnt tail-pipe carbon, hot molten lead to repair the sheet metal bodies told me even then, something had to change.

It took watching each suffer and eventually die from the industry related toxins. Yet now, 26-years later, a new industry in the making in the USA. It is based on 100-years of documented history (see chart below). If you look at the chart, you may find your family name as millions are represented in the Auto Archives Historical Archives Chart that took generations to create.

With the endorsements of industry experts to Garage 101 novices, Gregory Coles, Tanya Breck and I are going to bring you updates from President Joe Biden to the Delaware Prosperity Partnership and many in-between to create innumerable clean, Green jobs in an industry that was once hurt more than it helped.

Lastly, Happy Mother's Day weekend to all. After over 1/4 of a Century, GreenTV is becoming the 5th element in creating a Greens lifestyles for everyone now to future generations like the recent announcement of my third great Grandchild!

Be and stay well,


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