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Shecanic Driving Force!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Lyn Limpert is not only a driving force in Delaware's automotive industry, she races fast vehicles and shown is her daily driver, a sweet deck-out Harley-Davidson Trike! Good videos too!

Lyn's insights of the industry are unique from several standpoints. As a business owner, Mother and a family that extends to every person she employs. Lyn sees a coming change in the automotive services industry. And Lyn is the type of girl to step up to the plate when change is called for.

Actually, Lyn steps up before the challenges confront her business operations. With just a partial list of the people who trust she and her teams, Lyn set out to recycle cars by keeping them on the road, clean and Green as they can be with emission standards. "Why buy new when you can use what you have" and what Lyn's operations can't use, they recycle.

Imagine how many tons of unusable (yet recyclable) worn out parts from exhaust systems to tires were saved from the landfills by the thousands of vehicles serviced by Lyn Libert's Scotti's Mufflers and Tire Delaware services centers!

Here is a partial list of Lyn's vendors with innumerable vehicles to maintain in firehouse-ready condition:

Henschel and Sons Exhaust Warehouse/Pipe, pre-bent and stick, , exhaust, stainless pipe

American Tire Distributors

Keen Gas and Supply


Pearson Parts

AAmaco Transmissions


Waste management

Magnus Environmental/recycling tires


Snap On tools, diagnostic equipment, shop software

Matco Tools

Cornwell Tools

Tony's Sausage House (Very important!)



Mechanic Advisor

Bolt On Technology

Mitchel 1

And now, our friend and Shecanic Patrice Banks on female service shop experiences that Lyn Limbert addresses at Scotti's in Delaware!

And a video to go with Amazing Harley-Davidson owners everywhere or as Lin might say, to the "po-ta-to", po-ta-to sound of these fuel sipping fun and serious modes of transportation!

Electric trike built at age 12 by Author Jon Lake:

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