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Saving Humanity: Humana Going Green

Holli Turner Director, Supplier Diversity & Sustainability at Humana could be the answer to death by mail with a Betsy Rosenberg interview. Sign up to act, help Humana and humanity!

When GreenTV H.Q. recently received it's 1,000 letters complaining about junk-mail, we figured it was time to do a story. We have reported on viewer issues since 1995 with a full team of volunteers from Betsy Rosenberg's Solutionaries to Planet Janet's interviews.

During the upcoming interview with the Green folks at Humana, we will address how Humana takes action to reduce waste and empowers you to reduce your mail footprint with their easy to use mail opt-out.

Future interviews would include every day actors like you and helping Humana help humanity. Apply here, this is not a paid endorsement and all actors will be volunteering while getting positive exposure! Sign up for the acting opportunities here and be well! JL

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