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Sail Green to COP26!

It was a long journey the first time when we caught Greta Thunberg coming to America. And now, TV host Betsy Rosenberg and her team are watching as the real Solutionaries step up from COP26!

And now, hang on for a trip aboard the countdown to the Zero energy Green yacht that will be on the USA EV Tour of 2022 and beyond. Perhaps, the GreenTV Marine EV with Betsy, Alan and team will be visiting (and reviewing) Green Marinas all over the world!

And many thanks to all who have supported Greta and Betsy Rosenberg for their never ending pursuit of clean, Green people, pets and planet. Betsy's Solutionaries will assure that and they ae all now joining on GreenTV from A to Z to provide answers, not just talk, action, not agendas.

Here's to Betsy, the team and her solutionaries. We now have presence at COP26 from Joan Michelson to Ashley Biden along with others who we will feature soon on the upcoming "As seen on GreenTV" series.

Stay tuned!

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