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Rocket Scientists Build E-Boat!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

A team of former SpaceX rocket engineers including Mitch Lee of Arc have joined the race to claiming to be building the "first" commercial electric speedboat. Except their lift-off is a bit late in the E-marine game. See the video!

And that's not to give them credit yet space and water are two very different elements. With the last name Lake, our team has been building hybrid and/or all-electric land and sea vehicles for 50+ years. Now if Mitch Lee and his team need help, we'll ne glad to jump in the water with them to create the first Bidenmobile® boat!

Our design would come fully equipped for all types of travel with fully electric land vehicle's including E-watercraft toys, bikes E-bikes, E-Motorcycle and E-Car. We're working on the E-Transport that will air-carry several people/pets to shore rather quickly. In any case, we wish Mitch Lee and other great success and let GreenTV's major network partner Betsy Rosenberg know when you drop your vessel in for it's shake-down cruise. Master EV Gregory Coles may also wish to attend and bring his land/water master pieces of fine EV conversions!

Either way, we will film it and share it with the rest of the world to see that steps are being taken by people to help the planet!

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