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New York Times Invests in EV Conversions

The New York Times and other major media outlets are finally beginning to see the electric light. And so are investors! Ask EV Expert Gregory Coles of Bidenmobile® fame.

"When Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, it wasn’t the romance or the pageantry that set automotive hearts aflutter. It was the couple’s Jaguar E-Type Zero, a classic E-type body fitted with a modern electric drive, that caused a swoon.

Best of all, mere commoners could buy one, Jaguar said, for an estimated $380,000. Until they couldn’t. In late 2019, more than a year after the wedding, Jaguar broke the news: “Jaguar Classic has taken the difficult decision to pause development of the all-electric E-Type Zero for the foreseeable future.”

But fret not. You can still get an electric E-Type, possibly for less than Jaguar would have charged. If you supply the Jag, “I think we could do it for $100,000,” said Michael Bream, owner of EV West, a San Marcos, Calif., conversion shop that turns gas guzzlers into electrically charged chariots. His shop has converted a Dodge A100 van, a Dowsetts Comet and some BMW classics, the M3 and 2002. After working out the kinks on the first E-Type, he said, the costs could come down to $50,000". Courtesy Roy Furchott. NYT

And driving down costs are what Gregory Coleman teaches in his conversions of MANY different types of vehicles from four to ten-wheelers and much in between. Gregory has a project going on right now that will be an industry changer. That may be a big statement yet I have 54-years of automotive experience. Gregory Coles is not only helping create the President of the United States dream vehicle, he is the face of this new industry. Contact Gregory Coles on LinkedIn and or use the contact form here

And a New York Times video: Technology-Driving an Electric Wave!

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