Make American Green Again!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Make American Green Again! And yes, this happened at my house! As famed Green reporter Betsy Rosenberg might, say, oh the irony. A tree-hugger hit by a tree!

Like Betsy, she and I have vested the past 25+ years to preaching. Betsy appears on MSNBC, ABC and general major main-stream media, I chug along on-line, attend the monthly international Green Drinks, expos and like Betsy, interview the same people.

People like Bill McKibben, Al Gore, Bernie Sanders and others working to make America Green again. However, as Betsy and we all have seen, there are burn-outs in the industry due to lack of support yet with the new administration, there is also promise for a new chapter.

The thought is that is Betsy Rosenberg, Tanya Wendel Breck, Lady Lenape and a few other unite, we can succeed where others like Make America Green failed (see video below).

Betsy has 2+ decades in front of the camera, me a life-time behind it. Our time has come and it is now to provide an A to Z "GreenTV Guide" showing what you can do and an an extensive list of people whose products and services can help you go Green!

And now, Betsy at her best!

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