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LinkedIn Partner Creation: Viewer EV's

Updated: Jun 6

LinkedIn has innumerable great thinkers and doers. We took 3-decades of our experts and invited them to help build USA's affordable EV. Keep the ideas coming!

Rich Rebuilds did this model yet there are sooo many great ideas and concepts already in motion. As you may be aware, the President's BidenMobile ®and First Lady Jill Biden's JillMoble ® vehicles set the precedent, yet the next one will be all of ours under the Public Benefit Corporation here in the State of Delaware! Send us an e-mail at me (at) and let's get started!

So if Rich Rebuilds can do this, just imagine what we can do? Check out the logistics at and stay tuned!

Uncle Joe's EV!

Joe Biden's E-Vette!

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