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JillMobile® - It's Electric!

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Jill Biden's JillMobile® is not only being electrified, the all new 2022 is here! The body, interior and major components are Hemp yet that is only the beginning. Stay tuned to witness the future of truly Green transportation in photos & videos with genius Bruce Michael Dietzen!

Although Joe Biden is breaking Presidential rules by driving Electric Jeeps, Fords, Corvette's and more, this approach would be more of holistic Green transportation, save tons of land, air, earth and water pollution. On top of being stronger than most man-made materials, Hemp actually sequesters carbon! And Hemp is now 100% legal in the USA!

So what's not to like about owning a Green JillMobile® Red, Blue or whatever fits you! And proceeds help benefit the Biden's Cancer Moonshot Enjoy the videos! Contact us to order your own limited production, signature series 2022 JillMobile® as seen below in the newly created version!

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