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It's Electric! Yet not easy being Green

A huge thanks to Christine f.a. Weiss-Calhoon during a Labor Day requiring much labor to "get the lights back on" and to our team of dedicated professional volunteers who you can meet at

Chris writes: "We are a volunteer team of professionals from many aspects of life and the world trying to deliver climate news, eco-solutions, and raise everyone's I.Q. while improving everyone's knowledge on climate change and global warming. We even enjoy covering the latest on electric cars, trucks, buses, bikes, boats, etc. Everything is connected and every individual needs to be involved in sustainable living and circular economies to help improve our future. Green TV wants to bring this knowledge to the masses, but we are a volunteer team and we need help "to keep the lights on" as our founder Jon Lake says. He started GTV in 1995 and has worked every day of his life to help improve the health of the planet and human life. Please help us bring this key information to you by sending us money to keep our website live, our zoom team meetings and interviews in-depth, and other operational costs."

And here is to my old friend Kermit, who said it's not easy being Green yet it is what I wish to be and see!

Thank you for supporting our volunteer work in such a time of need.

My very best to all,

Jonathan David Lake

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