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It's Electric! With On-Board Charging

A 1992 S-10 Chevy truck with on-board generator and super long-range ride. Greened with a twist from Gal Fridman and Aquarius! Thought proving videos to say the least!

Vehicle specifications: 1992 Chevrolet S-10 Moto rAdvanced DC FB1-4001 Series Wound DC Drivetrain 5-speed transmission Controller Curtis 1231C-8601

Batteries54 Gen 1 Nissan Leaf modules, 8.20 Volt,

18S 3P configuration System Voltage 144 Volts Charger Thunderstruck TSM2500 144V

Programmed for max charge of 147.6 volts. Heater144 volt heater mounted where the heater core used to be. DC/DC Converter

144V to 13.5V Instrumentation Westach volt and amp meters

Top Speed: Had it to 55 mph so far. Gets there easily. Acceleration Much improved with lithium battery upgrade.Range55 Miles (88 Kilometers)

55 miles with batteries discharged 90%. I blame the low range on the known capacity decrease of the 1st Gen Leaf modules.

Seating Capacity 2 adults. Conversion Time Bought it as a turn key EV conversion. I did

the lithium battery upgrade.

Conversion Cost Truck $3000

Upgrade to lithium including all related components $4700

New ZQ8 wheels and new tires $3000 (traded a

motorcycle)Additional Features Class 3 hitch receiver

ZQ8 wheels and BF Goodrich tires

Updates coming as speed and range have been extended!

Video is a 2002 S-10 conversion showing the how-to-do!

And now, imagine this with the Aquarius on-board generator video. Think of the possibilities!

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