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It's Electric! Winnebago eEV2 Mobility

"People who work remote can ‘cut emissions by 54%’ " and Winnebago eRV2 reduces that number even more for you and our mobile reporters! Great video Neng Piyabongkarn and team! Check it inside and out!

Winnebago is a community of people who believe every day is a new day to reinvent ourselves and our story. The eRV2 is an example of how powerful those efforts can be when focused on our vision for the future of RVing.

Ultimately, this is about reducing barriers to new outdoor connections. Moving forward, you’ll see products from Winnebago with even more innovative technology and more human-centric design, and together, we’re going to lay out a sustainable roadmap for the future. There are four key elements to this amazing prototype:

First, it’s all-electric. The powertrain and the house systems are powered by electricity. The powertrain is built on a Ford E-Transit™ chassis, while the house systems are powered by Winnebago & Lithionics proprietary IonBladeTM lithium house battery. This is the most powerful, compact, and safe lithium battery system available today. With the eRV2, you can count on silent and environmentally responsible travel for up to seven days of Boondocking. Second, it’s sustainably designed. We’ve used sustainable, recycled and biodegradable materials throughout the eRV2. From the flooring and window coverings to the countertops and cabinetry, every detail was thoughtfully curated to help reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint, while also enhancing quality and performance. Third, it’s human-centric, which means it’s built around modern user needs. The interior was inspired by Japandi principles, giving consumers a simple, sophisticated interior design, combined with multi-purpose living configurations and adaptable workspaces, to make life on the road easy, comfortable and convenient. The eRV2 delivers what today’s users expect from an RV – the ability to turn on a dime to work or play. Finally, the eRV2 is connected. Our new proprietary Winnebago Connect system empowers you with technology that’s intuitive, reliable and purposeful. Winnebago Connect is a remote monitoring and energy management system that uses a simple app to put real-time information about the vehicle’s operation in the palm of your hand. Sign up to receive ongoing updates at

And it sure beats electrifying the older RV's we love and loved doing! So if you are a DIY person, here's the process and costs!

And get your free Green job at Winnebago or anywhere in the world by clicking here or on the image below.

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