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It's Electric! USPS EV's 100% Funded

"USA Senate calls USPS’s bluff The USPS claimed it would cost $3.3 billion more in upfront costs to convert the fleet to 100% BEV instead of 90% ICE – which almost perfectly matches the $3 billion allocated by the new Senate bill."

The allocation is split into two legs, with $1.29 billion for purchasing electric trucks and $1.71 billion for upgrading BEV support infrastructure at USPS offices.

USPS: "As announced in our statement, based on improvements in operational, technology and financial circumstances we expect the electric portion of our fleet to evolve upward."

According to Electrek, "While this is about as non-committal as we expected, particularly considering the bill hasn’t passed yet, it actually sounds quite positive. To me, it reads like USPS is “saying it without saying it” – it’s thinking about going more electric, that decision is dependent on funding, and it’s ready to assess the impact of new funding on its plans.

So it’s not a commitment to 100% BEV (and let’s be honest, there will probably be a few weird routes which are not best served by BEV at this current time, but a good 90-95%+ could – after all, Svalbard did it), but it sounds hopeful that we could see another upping of BEV commitment after everything shakes out."

And thanks for supporting cleaner, Greener machines!

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