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It's Electric! USA Shecanic Shops Growth

Carolyn Coquillette didn't know if it would work yet it did and grew like a Green garage. Like Patrice Banks of Girls Auto Clinic, Green is growing creating news starts along the ride!

"We salute and thank the women who played key roles in the campaigns to get automakers to mass-produce plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs)". Active Allies Founder Felix Kramer has started this alphabetical list of the ones he met and knew.

Between the founding in 2002 of the California Cars Initiative ( campaign for plug-in hybrids and the delivery in 2010 of the first PHEVs, and as part of the larger campaign for electric vehicles, Felix intensively and joyously collaborated with them and many others.

Felix says, “Often, when women start and run things, we get good results. And we enjoy getting there. I was lucky: my first role model bosses included Bella Abzug (Congress & campaigns), Lola Redford (Sun Day) and Rosemary Pooler (NY State Consumer Protection Board). I’d love to work with some of you again!”

We’re so happy to see that many of them continue electrifying the world — both by promoting a vision of a clean, abundant energy future and by working to generate, distribute, and use renewable electricity,

We’re about to cast a wide net for leaders and volunteers for CalCars Squared and other Electrifying Allies projects and well be inviting those below to catch up about each other — and perhaps re-engage and collaborate again now.

We hope to interview these women leaders and feature the videos as part of the planned Archive for the Plug-in Hybrid Campaign at UC Berkeley. (Photo links for some of the women below point to the glacially-slow-to-load website — fixing that is also on our agenda.)

And we hope these EV pioneers will join WEVs — Women of EVs, the global organization that’s grown a lot.

Look for a women owned and operated Shecanic shop in a city near you!

Girls Auto Clinic!

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