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It's Electric! USA Made Electrek

It's Electric and from Colorado, USA! A recent video from Aging Wheels is showing what very few in the world know about, the Electrek UnCar. And yes, just as the name would imply, it is an electric car from back in 1979.

The team behind it was and is Unique Mobility (UM) of Englewood, Colorado. Back in 1979, when some of us weren’t even around, the U.S. oil supply was threatened by the Iranian Revolution. In that moment, UM saw an opportunity to create a vehicle aimed at zero fossil fuel dependency. Did they succeed? Some say yes, while the market obviously says no.

What did we miss out on? Well, according to the Aging Wheels video and the hosts reactions while driving it, the UnCar seems like it offers a pretty joyful experience, especially when you consider it’s an EV before people even knew what those were.

The Electrek included a 32 hp motor from General Electric and is run by a Volkswagen Fox 4-speed manual transmission. The juice behind all this spunk are 16 6-volt batteries running in a series, which also powered the controller (custom built by Shunjiro Ohba of Soleq).

Best of all, it was rumored that the range for the UnCar was around 100 mi (161 km), but this was vaguely achievable if you drove at around 45 mph (72 kph) or less, even though the top speed for this EV is set at 75 mph (120 kph). But, owners have reported that it never made it past 65 mph (104 kph). Acceleration was said to offer an amazing 0-30 mph (0-48 kph) in just nine seconds. Can you believe it!?

According to, one of the very few sources existent for this car, even they aren’t sure of how many models are on the market; realistically speaking, only about fifty. At the time of availability, these puppies were available for purchase at around $25,000; quite a price for 1979.

And only you can help yourself become a healthy human helping heal the planet! Created by Author of "Hospice to Health", Jon Lake.

Documented Tax Credits for donating your vehicle to Green Bridge non-profit 501-C Lenape native American benefactor.

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