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It's Electric! Two Videos!

Nearly everyone loves an all-American Jeep. And now that nearly everyone is going cleaner and Greener, the KISS Rule, keeping it simple is priority to consumer acceptance and sales.

To date, Jeep has tried and sort of failed. It complicated what was usually a fairly uncomplicated, fun vehicle. And yes, they have announced new all E-models yet reviews are not in. A similar style all-purpose and fun USA Electric vehicle manufacturer by Sir Robert Bollinger rode in to save the day.

Take a look at the two videos and decide, maybe even comment now we have that newfangled option! Stay tuned for the video test-drive of the most recent Bollinger E-Vehicles that are functional, fun and fabulous.

Take One - Complicated and still uses gas.

Take Two - Uncomplicated and Electric!

Summary: Convert the millions of existing Jeeps without paying a lot or buy All American.

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