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It's Electric! The Sharing Green Economy

GreenTV's Betsy Rosenberg, host of Meet the Solutionaries, and Christopher Horner, host of Business Earth, team up to interviews author, Mike Duwe about his book, The Sharing Green Economy: Sharing What's Possible With New Labor Market Economics.

It's here, it's out and all about sharing the Green economy!

0:00 Introductions 1:33 Writing the book, The Sharing Green Economy. 2:51 Using the Sharing Economy as a model to create millions of green jobs. 5:44 How the Sharing Green Economy would tackle methane reduction. 10:55 The kinds of jobs a Sharing Green Economy would create. 15:25 How the post-pandemic trend of quitting/quiet quitting creates opportunities. 19:00 Education, students, and the Sharing Green Economy. 20:00 How the Sharing Green Economy can change society. 24:45 What does a transition to the Sharing Green Economy look like? 28:20 What's next for Mike Duwe? 29:46 Can the Sharing Green Economy bring jobs back from abroad? 31:00 Closing thoughts. #GreenTV #GreenTVcom #GTV

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