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It's Electric! The Greening of CannaBus

Denise Rondini sent good news from the North American Council for Freight Efficiency on how the IRA Bill helps electrify commercial transport. The video shows how Lady Lacy's Cannabus group is going Green including costs to do it!

This is the video that shows every step and how to keep the costs down by using your head, hands and determination to recycle, reuse and re-purpose. The photo was taken at the local VFW where the helicopter is mounted on display and appearing to have a run-in with the Green weed machine yet only an illusion. Many thanks to Lady Lacy, the USA Veterans and others working for medical cannabis and natural remedies instead of deadly poison, cut and burn methods that make great patients yet do little to actually cure.

And I pro-medical cannabis? The plant extract and minerals supplied by the American Native Lenape here in Delaware worked when the professionals failed 2-decades ago.

Does it work? Ask the medical profession how a dying man with Hospice climbed out of bed, quit all "medications" and now operates and privately funds a 24/7 multi-media film production company with active reporters around the world. It works. I have and continue to bet my life.

For a plant that is still illegal (yet many USA States are allowed to distribute and profit from it), it improves many lives yet like the transition to clean, Green vehicles, medical cannabis will take much work like the I.R.A. Bill. And many will benefit with both!

Keep at it Lady Lacy and advocates of going truly Green, many thanks for a place to create and grow GreenTV to become a collective legacy for those who cared and had the courage to speak up.

And thank you for supporting GreenTV and our parent company Auto Archives, a USA State of Delaware Public Benefit Corporation helping others help themselves.

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