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It's Electric! Solar Powered Scooters

Look Ma, no plug! Actually, a plug is included yet the solar panels installed on these two & three wheelers can charge your ride on the go or parked in these short, informative videos.

According to the company, roo is even lighter, thanks to an optimized aluminum frame

  • roo is more agile to drive, thanks to its intelligent tilt technology which adapts to the various ways in which it can be driven

  • roo is more versatile, thanks to its easily exchangeable batteries which are convenient to remove and then charge at home or in the office

  • And made with recycled and Green sourced materials

Scooters have been around for a 100 years or so and come in all shapes and sizes. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, popularity of the foldable scooter sky rocketed and it seemed like everybody owned a scooter. I was never into scooters because there was way too much energy required on my part and I’d rather just use a bicycle and be a lot more efficient.

But if it’s a motorized scooter, bring them on! I’ve seen small gasoline engines mounted to scooters and they look fun but are loud and annoying. A Solar Electric Scooter on the other hand is silent and uses the power of the sun to charge its batteries. Surprisingly, the solar panels are located exactly where you’d stand on the scooter. The panels are capable of bearing the weight of a person up to 348 pounds (158 kg).

The Solar Electric Scooter seen below is capable of reaching 20 miles (32 kilometers), and can reach a top speed of 15mph (24 kilometers) which is more than enough for my place of work. The entire scooter weighs in at 65 pounds which isn’t all that light but most of that weight is from the battery. The entire unit can be folded and carried. The steering column is adjustable so riders of various ages can safely operate the solar electric scooter.

Where to get the latest versions? Just contact us and thank you for supporting our work!

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