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It's Electric, Sexy and Affordable!

Long time friend, professional videographer and EV enthusiast Christine (CFA) Weiss shot, edited and published this video segment and found her "Sexiest EV"!

From the newest electric car, to classic cars being converted to the dream of the future, check out our videos on the subject of electric cars, trucks, bikes, and more. Remember to subscribe and click the bell so you know when we post more videos. Thank you to Cerise Morey for showing us her and her husband's electric cars and sharing the ins and outs of buying one. She has a long commute to work and needs her charge to hold out for a mighty long time. Explore the Kia EV6 which captured the fancy of videographer/editor CFA Weiss!

Thank you CFA and so many more shows to go in 2022! And please subscribe to our channel here!

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