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It's Electric! SEMA Show Invention

Wait a minute. This is a 1968 Chevy SS big-block, fully forged 496 cubic inch, 1,000 H.P. ICED to max efficiency to capture every drop of liquid energy. The EV part is how to transport it and others in and out of the SEMA show.

Enter an electric invention that saves lots of fuel, exhaust and human power. By now, you have probably seen beautiful builds like Jesse Bunting's fully restored, rebuilt, modified and as sweet as ICE classic comes at local to national car shows. And though normally we write about converting ICE to EV, in this case it is the invention that will be wheeling this and other fine machines around SEMA. More on Jesse's Chevy after the video.

Back to Jesse Bunting's rather incredible 1968 Chevrolet SS Supercar. The SS was Jesse's Father's for 20+ years until Jesse proved his superior mechanical, electrical, suspension and other skills. When it came time for the next generation to step up, Jesse started over with a clean slate and what is left of the original still shines and will make a great SEMA 2023 contender.

We'll follow up with Jesse and keep tabs on this amazing man who has garnered the talents of an engineer, automotive designer, performance tuner with that of a Master mechanical mind for the world to see.

And remember, if you do want to convert your ICE to EV, make sure you get the latest copy of the EV builders Guide at SEMA!

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