It's Electric! Save Gasillions of Fuel

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

E-Charging is a new term that helps ICE (internal combustion engines) go Green. Car, boats and some aircraft will use this as we transition to cleaner transportation. Best yet, it's here now as plug & play for cars, boats and more!

As seen in the video below, the application is in commonly used engine in cars and boats like the Lyn Dora Four Winns boat shown above in the featured image. Now imagine reducing fuel consumption and emissions rather dramatically. Yet even more, imagine the boat entering and leaving the dock in quiet, no fumes and in electric mode only. It's possible and we are going to do it, film it and enjoy the ride along the way of the wake!

Twin-screw ICE engines prior to E-Chargers!

And the big question-charging a boat at the Green marina!

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