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It's Electric! Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Robin Coventry, Christine CFA Weiss, CJ Meyers, Charlie Garlow, John (Jack) Bucchioni, Mike Payan and other like-minds are turning the vacation retreat of the USA electric!

As we try to figure how to align Blue Coast's Green path with our own to cover Delaware's beat, take a look at the progress from all-electric Porches (who says ICE to EV converted cars can't be fun) to large commuter busses, al designed to make Delaware cleaner, more affordable with mass-transit and more enjoyable for residents and visitors alike!

And there is more electric vehicles coming down the road in Delaware cities and across the State. From converted cars like Charlie Garlow to the vehicles in the video, cleaner Greener transportation to buildings, air and water quality are making the First State a destination.

And lets not forget the BidenMobile!

And thank you for supporting our work by our growing all-volunteer team at GreenTV!

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