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It's Electric! Ready for Spring!

It's Electric! Women love classic vintage cars just as much as men, maybe more so. It may be true that vintage automobiles aren’t the greatest when it comes to fuel efficiency, but most of the picked combine aesthetics with performance.

Most are also small since women don’t have the same taste in the idea of ‘bigger, better’ as men do. Regardless of their reduced size, all of these models can be electrified. And out of all, the Morris Minor came in tops to own and electrify!

Morris Minor is a British brand of automobiles, which debuted with its first cars in the brinks of 1948. All the models were designed to be small, fuel-efficient vehicles, especially since they were launched following WWII. The 1967 convertible was a limited edition, having been produced in only 1,000 numbers. This one comes with a 948 cc engine. The only possible downfall of choosing this model is the fact that its manufacturers didn’t necessarily focus on safety features, and therefore the driving experience could get somewhat risky. Nowadays, drivers have the opportunity to equip their cars with almost any other supplementary features, making even very old models turn into fully loaded automobiles.

Do you want your dream car converted to clean, Green and lifetime warranty? Reserve your spot now and we'll handle every detail from initial consulting to delivery and film every step!

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