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It's Electric! Rare Bugatti Get's Plug

It's Electric with in-wheel motors. According to Super Cars, " Every Bugatti excites collectors but Type 57 and the most desirable to collect" and Motor Trend goes even further!

However, as collectors are aware, keeping the Supercharger going can be a nightmare. Enter electrification. Given these rare vehicles are used little and mostly for show, the owner wanted low-speed electrification without compromising the original specifications and value.

And according to Motor Trend, rare and expensive!

And the thought of harming this vehicle in any way was out of the question so we did the design based on a near-exact replica of the wheels with motors inside the hub. A simple bolt-on, off and portable, hidden battery pack. And remember, this is for low-speed car show type of driving, not highway or even fast. The idea is to make the cars easier to move, show and with less smoke, drips and headaches only a collector has experienced.

Lastly, thank you for supporting our work by purchasing our one and only patented product that helps heal people who will help heal the planet.

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