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It's Electric! PEAR Ripens

We make no apologies for the image as FoxConn, Lordstown and Fisker plant the EV SUV seeds. Let's hope this idea becomes fruitful. Read on and decide..

Just the facts as researched from the distinguished Motor Trend folks to Apple and a few in between. In 2019, Lordstown Motors initially bought their Ohio, USA plant from General Motors and claims it's invested $240 million in prepping the factory for production. In 2009, Fisker announced the former General Motors plant in Wilmington, Delaware would be producing the world's supply of Green machines called Karma.

According to the image above and story below by Motor Trend, Lordstown Motors has completed its sale of its Ohio factory to Foxconn, the company partnered with startup EV automaker Fisker to produce an all-new compact SUV dubbed the Fisker PEAR in 2024. Fisker has announced that the PEAR, short for "Personal Electric Automotive Revolution," will start "below" $29,900, before factoring in any tax credits or incentives, and Foxconn plans to be able to produce up to 250,000 vehicles from its newly acquired factory once things are in full swing.

And according to Cult of Mac in 2021, Luke Dormehl wrote "Apple investigates Foxconn over complaints workers are overworked and underpaid. Apple is reportedly investigating Foxconn regarding concerns that workers at its plants are overworked and underpaid.

Foxconn remains, for better or worse, Apple’s best-known contract manufacturer. While Foxconn, which employs around 1 million people, has far more clients than just Apple, it is most closely associated with the Cupertino tech giant.

Notably, 11 years ago Foxconn was rocked by a spate of employee suicides. At the time, worker conditions were cited as one of the possible reasons. Apple launched an investigation into the suicides, but — possibly rightly — it still became one of the biggest controversies hitting Apple during Steve Jobs’ stint as CEO."

So call us suspicious based on decades of following the industry closer than most while staying clear of pointing fingers.

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