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It's Electric! Panasonic EV Green Impact

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

It's Electric and the only way Panasonic's Yuki Kusum could have a Greener Impact would be to make a Green Television. Until then, watch the Green Impact benefits on #GreenTV!

And a message from Yuki Kusum! Each action that Panasonic takes to fight global warming may be small. However, when all these actions are added together, the impact can be great. Reducing CO2 emissions of our own value chain and society - we are calling such initiatives “Panasonic GREEN IMPACT” and we will work towards our own goal to realize a better life and a more sustainable global environment.

By 2050, Panasonic Group aims to create impact that reduces CO2 emissions by more than 300 million tons*1, or about 1% of the current total global emissions*2 *1 300 million tons calculated with 2020 emission factors *2 33.6 billion tons of energy-related CO2 emissions in 2019 (Source: IEA),

The Panasonic Group will contribute to decarbonization of society by generating the following 4 impacts in its wide-ranging business fields. These impacts will help lower society's CO2 emission factor, which will also accelerate the reduction of emissions from our own value chain.

Take a test drive!

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