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It's Electric! On-Board Fresh Water

EV's and water are the new Green gold and now both are united. While designing an all-electric water from air vehicle for Watergen, we caught up with Barak Ranon, Nick Harris and a cool video with on-board water!

A game-changer in transportation and the automotive industry can provide fresh water on board while traveling. Watergen Mobility is an innovative Atmospheric Water Generator system that produces pure drinking water from the air right onboard cars, buses, motorhomes, RVs, trains, and even boats. Passengers and drivers will never run out of water again.

Using Watergen Mobility to provide instant fresh drinking water while reducing plastic waste expands premium services and addresses ecological and logistical problems.

Watergen’s Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) mobile solution for private or public transportation provides the highest grade drinkable water anywhere, without negatively affecting the environment.

Watergen’s Mobility is a water-from-air solution for the automotive and transportation sector that provides up to 50 liters of cold or hot water per day. Mobility eliminates the hassle of sourcing and buying clean water for traveling and transportation. It is a self-sufficient water generation solution that is lightweight, energy-efficient, and a sustainable green solution for all transportation sectors. Because Watergen Mobility produces water from the air wherever one goes, your customers will never be without fresh drinking water while on the road.

Watergen Mobility offers on-the-spot water generation for passenger, recreational/travel, and public transportation sectors. Watergen’s technology generates clean, premium water from the air—exceeding global drinking water standards.

Watergen Mobility offers zero maintenance for electrical vehicles by providing a constant supply of clean water, improves climate control and cleans sensors and cameras for autonomous vehicles.

And thank you for supporting our work at GreenTV!

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