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It's Electric! Near-Zero Range Anxiety

The questions were asked for help with EV anxiety to present to Biden team. Joshua Aviv stepped up. In tribute to William Vincent Lake who was also a fast-charging fan, thank you to all our Solutionaries like Joshua!

Thanks to Tamara L. Diamond at GreenTV and Erik Johnson at L.A.C.I., we saw the work of many come to fruition on the White House lawn. According to a post by Erik, "People like Josh…who dream to make the impossible possible. This law is for them." - President Joseph R. Biden. What a monumental occasion! With the passage of H.R. 4346, the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, a crucial investment of $52.7 Billion will not only revive domestic semiconductor production, it will promote economic growth, create upwards of 40K new high-tech jobs, advance scientific research, and help us meet the most pressing climate challenges facing our nation.

We are very proud that LACI startup founder, Josh Aviv of SparkCharge, was invited to introduce President Biden at the signing of H.R. 4346, on the lawn of the White House earlier this morning. SparkCharge was launched in 2017 as the first mobile electric charger in the world. Every SparkCharge product is manufactured in the US at their factory in Buffalo, NY, and as the company grows, with much needed financing like that from LACI's Debt Fund, and now, with additional investments like that from CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, SparkCharge is planning to double their manufacturing over the next few months."

The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 offers a critical solution to the semiconductor supply chain crunch, and will improve the operating conditions for the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry and the EV charging industry at all levels of the supply chain.

Congratulations to Josh and to all those working to build an inclusive green economy and a brighter, cleaner, healthier future for ALL!

And thank you for supporting our work towards a cleaner, Greener future!

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