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It's Electric! Muscle Car Girl Goes E

Jacqueline Lacy may be pretty in pink yet that is merely a fashion statement. Her Dodge Charger may be another statement about getting off our gasses and putting the muscle in electric! Great videos too!

October 2023: National Electric Drive week and Lady Lacy is about to be immersed into the State of Delaware's world of electric vehicles. From 2-wheel Harley-E-Davidson's to 6-wheel commercial trucks by Gregory Coles of GreenTVEV fame. As she travels this event, we will discover and share what will she finds, sees and experiences behind the handle bars, steering wheels and a few joysticks.

And now, the message from Dodge H.Q. and a kick-gas video! If an electric charger can make a Charger quicker, Dodge is in! And Jacqueline is to with her conversion from the outside pink wrap to the Tesla drivetrain and lots of safety upgrades.

Short version:

Longer and a bit older yet good video of past, present and future of electrification in muscle cars:

Diehard version:

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