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It's Electric! Jeep, The Drive to Electric

Author and EV expert Vernonica presents the first electric Jeep conversion prototype. However, be ready to be amazed how this Gilmore Girl converts an old ICE Jeep to EV!

"We are converting a 99 Jeep Wrangler into all electric and the first prototype is done - but we need to redesign the battery and thermal management system. Any ideas for us? In this video I am walking you through the latest status from building the battery box to mounting to filling the box with battery modules. We also cover our ideas for thermal management and what we have done so far for the 12V system and EV charging.

Thank you to the following sponsors: TeraFlex: Liftkit, Wheels Bestop:Soft Cover Derale: Radiators XKGlow: LED lights Covercraft: Seat Covers BlackCustomCat: Custom Gauge Cluster Kwik Wire: Wiring Harness

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